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Today, oil & natural Gas are the dominant sources of energy in our modern life.

PETROGAZ, S.A. has activities in the field of Import & Export of petrochemical products, especially as exporter of LPG and supplier of Gas appliance products and equipment.

Our main purpose since establishment of our company has been offer for best services and supply petrochemical products, LPG based on international standards.

It should also be mentioned that our petrochemical products has been certificated for its quality by both international standard institutes .

PETROGAZ, S.A. is covering the international markets, we are now supplying LPG & petrochemical products by exporting of our productions to following markets:

Asian markets
Central Asia and CIS countries markets
South East Asian markets
Middle East markets
East, west and central Africa

All members of the PETROGAZ, S.A. board of directors are pleased to deal with honourable customers.